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Touch screen - Renault Easy Connect
7'' touch screen
Harmoniously integrated into the dashboard, R-LINK Evolution features a 7" screen with touchscreen technology identical to tablets with tougher resistance for automotive use.
R-LINK voice recognition - Renault Easy Connect
R-LINK voice recognition
Using the steering wheel controls, with one touch and an audible beep, you can use your voice to launch an itinerary to one of your favourite destinations. No need to wait for system voice to ask you a question!
Renault driving ECO2 - Renault Easy Connect
Renault driving ECO2
View a report on your journeys and driving advice to optimise your fuel consumption.
TomTom Maps - Renault Easy Connect
TomTom Europe maps
TomTom Europe maps, covers 45 countries in high resolution images for realistic directions during your journey, including in tunnels. Get an update from the R-LINK store via MY Renault up to 4 times a year. Do you have Europe maps in your new Renault equipped with R-LINK Evolution? Enjoy 3 years of map updates for free*.

* Valid only for vehicles delivered after 01/01/2017 and originally equipped with Europe maps.
Android Auto™ - Renault Easy Connect
Android Auto™ for R-LINK Evolution*
From your R-LINK Evolution screen, find the applications installed on your Android 5 equipped smartphone authorised in driving mode by Google. Take full advantage of navigation, message dictation and access to your favourite songs.
Your high quality cable accompanies you on your journeys so that your smartphone is at the heart of your experience.

Activate your mobile data to fully benefit from the Android Auto™ experience.

* Available depending on model and date of manufacture.
R-LINK - Renault Easy Connect
On-board connected services
Take advantage of safe driving applications like the e-mail application (with system email reading) or the Coyote Series® app that alerts you in real time of all road events reported by the Coyote community. Visit the R-LINK store via MY Renault!
TomTom LIVE Services RLINK Evolution
TomTom LIVE Services
Enjoy a comprehensive pack for free for 3 years.

TomTom Traffic covers 99% of the road network in real time, uploading more than 350 million road events each year with reliability up to 100 metres and updated every two minutes.

With LIVE services you can also find out the weather forecast for your journey or destination without taking your eyes off the road and search for points of interest from a database available in real time.

Are you waiting for the delivery of your new Renault equipped with R-LINK Evolution? Enjoy LIVE services free for 36 months.
Z.E. Connected Services
Find all of the services for your electric vehicle!

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Renault R-LINK Evolution
Map and GPS renewal
Need to renew your TOMTOM mapping and GPS on your R-LINK Evolution system? Go to the R-LINK store within your My Renault account.

Vehicles equipped with R-LINK Evolution

R-LINK Evolution e-Store

Add to your range of connected services from our online store.

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