MY Renault, Google and Orange

3 experts joining forces to give you the ultimate connected experience

MY Renault

openR link multimedia system with Google built-in - My Renault account creation

your personalised profile

Create your My Renault personal profile and discover a world of services.


Browse through your vehicle’s data, manage your contracts, talk to one of our professionals or use our connected services in just one click.

create your account


With a simple glance at My Renault app’s main screen, you can review your vehicle’s key data, such as mileage, electric battery range and much more.

vehicle schedule

Take care of your Renault while seated on your sofa. Sign in to My Renault, view your maintenance history and plan your next scheduled service. Get back to what you were doing.

contracts and warranties

No more losing your contracts. Keep them close to hand, where you need them most, with the My Renault app.

openR link multimedia system with Google built-in - My Renault account creation

at your service

Who knows you and your Renault better than your dealer? Find your dealer in your personal profile in just a few clicks.


Any questions? View our online help or contact a Renault professional.

Geolocate your vehicle using your My Renault app. Plan your electric charging route or manage your cabin’s temperature.


openR link multimedia system with Google built-in - Google account creation

Google built-in

Discover a more connected, intuitive and immersive experience than ever before with Google built-in features.


Create an account for free or use an existing account to enjoy a personalised and enhanced driving experience as you travel with Google Maps and Google Assistant, and access your favourite apps on Google Play.

create your Google account
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choose reliability

Sign in to a Google account to unlock the full potential of Google Maps. Your favourite addresses and browsing history follow you wherever you go. Find them easily in openR link!


Its smart and scalable features simplify your daily commute.

openR link multimedia system with Google built-in - account creation - Google Assistant

voice command by Google

With a word, command your Renault.


"Hey Google, turn the temperature down to 18°C." Adjust your vehicle settings or driving mode, without taking your eyes off the road.


"Hey Google, take me home." Query Google Maps, get your traffic info, and schedule trips to your saved addresses.


"Hey Google, what time is my next meeting?" No need to use your smartphone to check your calendar. openR link becomes part of your daily digital life.

Connect your Renault to a Google account to access Google Play and download your favourite apps.

Your favourite songs are no longer interrupted. Access numerous podcasts and playlists via your multimedia system.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go - no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

It can assist you with setting reminders and alarms, managing your schedule, looking up answers, navigating and controling smart home devices while away from home and much more!

Google Play Books
Google Play Books

Choose from millions of best selling ebooks, comics, manga, textbooks, and audiobooks. Download and read or listen on the go - when you’re finished, find your next favorite from recommendations personalized just for you.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

The official music app from YouTube. It lets you enjoy all the content from the world's largest online video hosting website, in an app that's specifically focused on music.


openR link multimedia system with Google built-in - Orange account creation

your onboard apps

Creating your ORANGE account to activate your data package and start using apps downloaded to your Renault.


To create your account, go to the dedicated ORANGE portal. Your dealer will give you a link when you purchase your Renault.

create your ORANGE account
openR link multimedia system with Google built-in - Orange account creation

personal hotspot

Don’t have an ORANGE account? No problem. You can also enjoy Google Play apps via your smartphone’s personal hotspot.


For this, go to your phone’s Settings menu. Then, select Personal Hotspot and accept the conditions. Switch on your openR link system in your vehicle and activate the Wi-Fi.

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