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Experience the first three years free*

*when purchasing a new vehicle. The services availabe are dependent on your vehicle navigation system.

* With the purchase of a new vehicle, services available depending on navigation system model.

Renault CONNECT on-board services

Google Maps - Renault Connect
Google address search
Are you looking for a destination but don't know the exact address?

No problem! With Google address search, just type in a few keywords to find the place you are looking for. Just as easy and effective as on Google Maps!
TomTom - Renault Connect
TomTom services
The best connected navigation with:
  • TomTom Traffic: The best traffic information in real time to get the best itinerary and a reliable time of arrival
  • TomTom danger zones: Drive safely by being notified of hazards on the road in real time
  • Fuel prices: Save money by finding the cheapest petrol stations on your route
  • If you have an electric vehicle: Locate charging points near you or at your destination
  • Weather: Stay informed of the weather forecast around you or at your destination
Auto-Update Service - Renault CONNECT
With the Auto-Update service, your vehicle receives automatic updates of country maps as easily as your smartphone. Drive with peace of mind. Your vehicle is kept up to date at all times!
Maps - Renault CONNECT
The latest European maps ready for download
Going on holiday abroad? Prepare your trip! Don't forget to download the latest maps for your destination country.
Connected assistance - Renault Easy Connect
Connected assistance*
In case of an accident, emergency assistance (E-call) puts you in contact with emergency services so they can respond quickly. No need to say where you are: you car is recognised and geolocated. If you witness an accident, go to safety and press the SOS button to contact the emergency services as quickly as possible.

*available depending on vehicle.

Renault CONNECT mobile services

Route and range planner for electric vehicles
Route and range planner for electric vehicles
Using the MY Renault application, plan your route by identifying the most suitable charging stations throughout your journey. View the range where you can drive with your electric vehicle's remaining charge.
Renault CONNECT - charging stations
Location and availability of charging stations
With the My Renault application, select your preferred charging stations (type of socket, charging power) to find those nearby or at your destination.
MY Renault - Renault Connect
Door-to-door navigation
Prepare your journey with confidence from your My Renault application:
  • Use your smartphone to send the destination to your car;
  • Can't remember where you parked your car? Use MY Renault to locate and guide you to your car;
  • What if you have to finish your journey on foot? MY Renault helps with a suggested route for the final stretch.
MY Renault
Charging status and driving range
View the charge status of the battery and remaining driving range in real time.
Charging programming
Start charging immediately or postpone charging to off-peak times to save money.
Activating and programming heating and air conditioning
Activate or pre-programme air conditioning or heating to maintain the cabin at an ideal temperature of 21°C.

Need help?

Multimedia Device Experts
Call us on 1800 771 771*

For any issues with your Radio, Satnav, Bluetooth or any other part of your Multimedia system. Our specialist team is available on option 4 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Before you call, help us by having the multimedia software version installed in your vehicle, available. This can be found on the settings screen within your vehicle.

*Standard network rates apply from mobile or landline phones.
User Guides
You can also consult the User guide.

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