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Easy navigation

A new update is available for your Media Nav Evolution maps.

7'' touch screen

7-inch touch screen* - Renault Easy Connect

7-inch widescreen display with touchscreen technology that's similar to a tablet.  Easy to use for optimum driving safety.  Proven screen durability.


- Multitouch available for GoogleMaps and Android Auto™
- Multitouch not available for Apple CarPlay
- Multitouch not available on the in-car navigation


*According to model and date of manufacture, 7 inch capacitive screen or 7 inch resistive screen.

Music sources

screen - Renault Easy Connect

Listen to your favorite music either from a USB key, play your play lists via bluetooth from your compatible phone, or listen to your radio.

On-board telephony

Bluetooth system - Renault Easy Connect

Make and answer calls in full safety thanks to Bluetooth® pairing*.


* Up to 5 phones connected.

Siri voice recognition

Siri voice recognition - Renault Media Nav Evolution

Got an iPhone*? You can now use the SIRI voice recognition built into your vehicle. Search your telephone for information using your vehicle's controls. It's easy! Just connect your telephone to MediaNav Evolution via Bluetooth.


*4S and above.

Android Auto™ for Media Nav Evolution*

Android Auto™ for Media Nav Evolution*

Find the best smartphone driving apps (Android 5 or above). Google Maps displays directly on your Media Nav Evolution screen for easy navigation.  You can also dictate any messages and quickly access your favourite music.  Don't forget to activate your phone's mobile data and connect it via the USB port with a manufacturers certified cable.


* Available according to model and date of manufacture.

Apple CarPlay™ for Media Nav Evolution*

Apple CarPlay™ for Media Nav Evolution

Find on your Media Nav Evolution the best driving applications from your iPhone (from iPhone 5 and iOS 7.1). With a certified cable, connect your iPhone to the USB port to enjoy your music effortlessly.  You can easily read and dictate messages, make calls, or plan a new route.


* Available according to model and date of manufacture.

Western Europe maps

Western Europe maps*

Navigate with peace of mind and enjoy the quality of HERE mapping. Keep up to date with 2 new map versions available per year. 


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TMC traffic info via radio

TMC traffic info via radio - Renault Easy Connect

MediaNav Evolution is compatible with TMC* traffic info. This will let you know about congestion and incidents on your route.


*Traffic Message Channel depending on the country.

Advanced lane guidance

Advanced lane guidance - Renault Easy Connect

For complex road junctions, follow guidance directly on screen towards the lane required.

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