discover the ultra limited edition Racing Shoe5, inspired by Renault 5 Turbo
the birth of Racing Shoes
This year, Renault 5 turns 50.

To celebrate this car, a symbol of an era, we decided to reinvent it...

Reinventing into a form like no other: a collection of trainers.

An ultra limited edition trainer, named Racing Shoe5, inspired by the legendary Renault 5 Turbo.
from concept to reality
Renault 5 Turbo was a symbol of an era with its distinctive design.

This ‘rally queen’ boasted a sporty style and muscular rear wings, accompanied by vents to optimise performance.

By looking closely at this familiar design, and by mimicking its lines, the Racing Shoe5 was born.

The limited edition trainers feature 3D vents to echo those on the car, a muscular form at the ankle, graphic elements on the front of the shoe, a nod to R5 Turbo’s bonnet grille, and plenty of other elements that make the Racing Shoe5 the trainer version of Renault 5 Turbo.

They are entirely hand-made in Paris, France by Savoir-Faire Paris, a respected company in the Parisian trainer microcosm.

Crafting that turns the Racing Shoe5 into a work of art that every collector will want to put on display.
discover them at SHINZO Paris
With the design and production of these trainers complete, we wanted to share them with trainer aficionados. Fully customised for the occasion, the location housed 4 “settings” to show off a different model, each of which were enhanced by an artistic collaboration: 
  • The black model was presented with a work by artist Étienne Bardelli,
  • The red and blue pairs were accompanied by works by Arnaud Liard 
    And the white version by a piece by artist Sébastien Preschoux.
  • The models were sold in numbered boxes with a QR code on them, offering buyers specific tips from Savoir Faire Paris on how to care for their shoes.
 This artistic collection rounds off the 50th anniversary of Renault 5

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