future 100% electric icon
from Renault 5 to Renault 5 E-Tech electric prototype
fun, cheeky, tech, Renault!
This soon-to-be iconic city car rewrites the rules to launch R5, Super5 and R5 Turbo into the future. The goal is to make electric cars widespread in Europe.

Like the R5 back in its day, a popular and essential car but with a modern twist: silent, high-tech, environmentally friendly and cheeky.
up to 400 km
of driving range
motor 100 kW
or 136 hp

modern design

All the same R5 fun, styling, proportions enhanced by a contemporary design: more rugged wheel arches, streamlined roof profile, boxier bodywork and more. The smile on the front end is still there... a nice little detail!

Renault 5 Prototype celebrates the French Open

Renault R5 concept
A revamped version for Roland-Garros
As part of the premium partnership with the French Open signed in 2022, the showcar for a future full electric city car has donned a new metallic satin white.
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