Renault 4L celebrates its 60th anniversary!

4L has been a popular car for 60 years. Over 8 million models sold in more than 100 countries around the world! For its anniversary, celebrate and relive its history through various events.       

birth of the project
In 1956, after finding the automotive industry to be too conventional, Pierre Dreyfus stated:
"Cars must no longer be just four seats and a boot. Give me some volume!"
He launched the 112 project: a car adapted to a fast-evolving and increasingly versatile society. It had to suit town and countryside, weekdays and weekends, work and holidays, men and women.     

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a well-kept secret
Development of the 112 project was conducted under utmost secrecy. Tests to prove its solidity had to be run without anyone discovering! To protect the secret   when transporting the Renault 4 prototypes around the world, it was referred to as "Marie-Chantal" in telegram messages:     
"Marie Chantal and children send all their love to the family."

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"take the wheel!"
In 1961, the 4L was revealed to the public in a unique launch campaign. On the outskirts of the motor show, 200 Renault 4s were placed on display in the street and made available to motorists for a test drive. 
Named  "Take the wheel!", the event was a success as over 60,000 Parisians discover the qualities of a model that would soon become an icon.

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1960-1970 and 1980-1990
Renault 4 export model 1974
1960 - 1970 generation
A blue jean automobile! 4L gained traction and quickly became a benchmark that did not conform to social conventions. It offered simplified equipment and design, easily affordable at one set price: 350,000 francs! Buyers were won over by its flat floor and the ability to open the car from the back for easier loading: later known as the tailgate. With its modular rear bench seat, the car’s twin-volume body made it a versatile car, transforming it from a utility to a family vehicle.

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Renault 4 sixties
1980 - 1990 generation
Quickly becoming the mascot car for the generation, 4L made itself available to the masses in France and quickly became the "lifestyle car". It is the car for everyone, blurring the lines of age and social groups and adapting to all cultures. Renault 4 issued new editions: Safari, GTL, Sixties, Youth (Jeunesse) and professionals, wearing the colors of its employers.
Until 1992,  8,135,424 units  of Renault 4 were manufactured and sold in more than  100 countries!

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timeless car and cult classic
30 years later, 4L is still present on the automotive landscape. In all 4 corners of the globe, enthusiasts and aficionados meet up with their restored, modified, yet world-renowned vehicles.  “Trelleurs’, the name given to Renault 4 fanatics, meet for rallies like the 4L Trophy to test the capacity of their Renault 4s. They also gather from around the world for the 4L International Meeting.      

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Happy anniversary to 4L!
An illustrator, fellow collectors and celebrities met at this full-fledged event to celebrate the anniversary of the 4L and share their experiences.

Exhibitions, illustrations, stories, videos and other surprises will be on display during this period of celebration.
Renault 4 - Haute Couture - Greg
4L: a pop icon
Enjoy 14 illustrations drawn by the French artist Greg that retrace the evolution of the 4L over the last 60 years.
Renault 4 iconic cars - Videos
14 iconic versions
Watch the video and rediscover our 14 most memorable models. These cars will no longer hold any secrets for you. 
Renault 4L exhibition
the exhibition
Experience the 4L private exhibition remotely through our video retrospective filmed by drone. 
4L 60th anniversary merchandise
4L merchandise
Launch of a 4L merchandise collection.
60 years of 4L stop-motion videos
4L in stop motion
A series of stop-motion animated videos filmed with miniature 4L cars.
60 years of 4L interviews with fans
interviews with fans
Discover the 4L through video stories told by enthusiasts and collectors.
4L 60th anniversary and European Heritage Days - Zity
4L at European Heritage Days
Discover 4L in a whole new light at European Heritage Days in partnership with Zity.
60 years of 4L - Air 4
4L takes flight!
In partnership with TheArsenale, 4L takes to the sky to play in a whole new playground.
60 years of 4L - suite no. 4
4L reinterpreted
4L gets a makeover from Mathieu Lehanneur, offering a modern take on the iconic star model.

In 1992, the 4L took its final bow in style. A special series of 1000 units were produced for the "Bye Bye" edition. Based on the Clan model, each model exited the plant with a numbered plate on the dashboard, counting down from 1,000 to 1.  The Liberation paper paid tribute to the car with an ad campaign that traced its entire history:        

Photographer: DES OUCHES Thierry

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