Twingo is celebrating its 30th anniversary

30 years of Twingo
Officially launched in 1993, while other brands stuck to more classic designs, Twingo was anything but conventional. Nevertheless, it had tremendous appeal.

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Renault Twingo - gansta crew retrofit
Twingo Gangsta crew
Directly inspired by West Coast and hip hop culture, this fully electric retrofitted Twingo also pays unexpected homage to the 1990s laid-back Californian lowrider trend.
30 years of Twingo - Renault
Twingo Top model
Dive straight into the 1990s fashion shows with this fully electric retrofitted Twingo. Luxury and catwalks - find flashes of these trends taken straight from that era.
30 years of Twingo - Renault
Twingo Y2K
Inspired by the 1990s and 2000s boy band culture, this Twingo incorporates touches of tuning culture. It is resolutely modern with a fully electric retrofit engine developed with our partner R-FIT.
*Twingo special editions shown are display cars only. not on sale.

Twingo by Sabine Marcelis

a bright design
The new Twingo electric show car designed by Sabine Marcelis is a unique model that gets back to basics by concentrating on the interaction between light and the material nature of the object.

The choice of materials, switching between vibrancy and transparency, creates a powerful light effect.

reinvent Twingo

30 years of Twingo - Renault
try your hand at inventing
Twingo is agile, compact and accessible, perfectly embodying Renault’s concept of “voitures à vivre” or cars for living. Entertaining, fun, colourful, practical and versatile, everyone has their own vision of the Twingo– as expressed by the famous slogan, “à vous d’inventer la vie qui va avec” (create the life that goes with it).

Renault is currently inviting the general public to reinvent Twingo using generative AI tools such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Dall E. You can create amazing visuals on demand based on keywords using these high-performance and easily accessible image generation tools.

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