Twingo by Sabine Marcelis

Twingo by Sabine Marcelis
Sabine Marcelis
The famous Dutch designer and artist Sabine Marcelis is the winner of this years’ ELLE DECO International Designer of the Year Award, a prize that has established her as one of the world’s most influential designers.

Her work features minimalist forms, transitioning between colours and materials such as glass and resin.

reinventing the iconic Twingo

a shared vision

Twingo Sabine Marcelis - Renault
Sabine Marcelis’ vision
Working on such an iconic and hugely popular car was a real challenge, particularly given the scale of the project. I was inspired by the idea of creating something unexpected through the interaction between light and materials.

For me, designing a modernised version of Twingo was an opportunity to push the boundaries of my craft. This Twingo pays homage to light and reveals internal and external components in unexpected ways.

I wanted to create amazement by using light to reveal certain details of the showcar.
Twingo Sabine Marcelis - Renault
Renault’s vision
Although she may be new to car design, Sabine Marcelis is, like other designers, deeply involved in shaping the world around us, putting her in a great position to re-invent an iconic car like Twingo.

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