Key Insurance

Key Cover provides compensation of up to €1,500 p/a should a registered insured key be accidentally lost, broken or stolen within Ireland. This covers your vehicle keys and your registered house keys (your address on your application), business premises keys not covered but Business vehicles are covered.

Renault Key Insurance

Why do I need it?

Lost or stolen car keys can be an extremely expensive inconvenience.


All car keys since 1995 have to be fitted with a transponder chip (linked to a vehicle immobiliser) but this advanced technology means the average cost of replacing a car key is around €300.


If your house keys are on the same fob as your car keys, you have the extra hassle and expense of changing your home door lock too, but this will be covered by your key insurance policy

Key Insurance

The standard Key insurance policy is sold for sixty euro, for a three-year insurance policy, included in the price of this policy is insurer costs of eight euro, government tax of three euro and eighty one cent, administrative fee of ten euro, Dealer commission of twenty euro and RCI Bank and Services income of eighteen euro and nineteen cents.


The administration fee noted above includes (but not limited too) the following areas of cost: Customer Service, Account management, Website Maintenance, Training Costs, Distribution Costs, Product Information Documents, Qualifications Cost, legal Costs & Documentation Fees.

What does Key Insurance cover?


Any key to any external door to your home, or vehicle including electronic key fobs and immobiliser keys.


Access to a nationwide network of locksmiths.


Your no claims discount on your main home or motor insurance policy won’t be affected.


Replacement of insured keys where you have access to duplicate keys.


There’s no excess to pay.

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