financing and services

financing and services

Renault Captur

Find the solution that best meets your needs: from a traditional car loan (hire purchase) to a flexible payment plan with our pcp offering. With Mobilize Financial Services, you can finance your Renault Captur.

finance Renault Captur

personal contract plan
Renault ReFlex is a Personal Contract Plan, a flexible Hire Purchase agreement that enables you to have a reduced monthly payment thanks to a Guaranteed Future Value for your car in 3 years’ time. Having a Guaranteed Future Value for your car means that you can have a flexible finance plan that suits your circumstances and you don't need to worry about the re-sale value of your Renault in 3 years’ time.
hire purchase
Hire purchase is a simple and easy way to finance your car over a period of time that you choose, 1 to 5 years. Mobilize Financial Services will purchase the car on your behalf. You then pay fixed installments over a flexible term of your choice. At the end of the agreement ownership transfers to you.
additional financing services


assistance and repair
My Renault gives you online access to your maintenance history, quotes and appointments. Find your service, insurance and assistance contracts, etc. Our Renault care service experts are there to assist you with the maintenance of your Renault Captur.
Digital Care Service
With the Digital Care Service contract, our experts are there for you to better take care of your vehicle, remind you of maintenance steps and make appointments remotely, or anticipate failures and assist you whenever they occur. See special offers on NCTs and other maintenance solutions.
24/7 Care service
Designed to help you extend your Captur‘s performance and durability, our service contracts provide you with many advantages 24/7 at your nearest dealership.
smart maintenance
To ensure peace-of-mind mobility, smart maintenance detects when maintenance operations or the replacement of parts are needed to avoid breakdowns or malfunctions. Book your appointment in the workshop at the right time. 
remote health and diagnosis
This new service, available via the My Renault app, remotely identifies any problems and anticipates maintenance. Save time with pre-orderable parts and consult current workshop repairs directly on your phone.
breakdown and Renault assistance
Your Renault manufacturer warranty includes Renault Assistance:
- we assist you by the roadside, or we tow your vehicle to the nearest Renault workshop
- we help you continue your journey by providing you with a mobility solution
- your accommodation is taken care of if your vehicle is off the road for a prolonged period.     

My Renault: your everyday partner

My Renault app
Manage your Renault Captur´s entire life with the My Renault app on your smartphone. Maintenance follow-ups, customised expert advice and connected services for an enhanced experience, at your fingertips.