Captur E-Tech full hybrid - Renault
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evolution TCe90

Captur E-Tech full hybrid - Renault
A distinctly stylish compact SUV, Renault Captur E-Tech full hybrid stands out from the crowd in its esprit Alpine version. Its versatile design features a bold new front end, its high-tech openR link multimedia system with Google built-in¹, a spacious modular interior, and 28 driver-assistance systems. Also available petrol.     
E-Tech full hybrid, petrol,
advanced driver-assistance  systems 
up to 1,000 km
of driving range4
up to 616 L
of boot capacity with bench seat forward5
10.4 inches
new central screen
16 cm
of sliding bench seat
¹Google, Google Play, Google Maps are Google LLC trademarks.  
²TCE90 available on order at a later date.
⁴E-Tech full hybrid 145 with a full tank of petrol, according to WLTP data (including reserve)
 5depending on powertrain       

technology, interior space and customisation

¹Google, Google Play, Google Maps are Google LLC trademarks. 

²depending on powertrain.

E-Tech full hybrid engine

Discover the pleasure and benefits of electric power without needing a plug: in the city, up to 80% of driving time is electric¹ and fuel consumption is reduced by up to 40%². Captur E-Tech full hybrid charges back up automatically while driving.

¹depending on battery charge and driving style/source: Renault internal/2023.

²E-Tech full hybrid compared to a mild hybrid auto powertrain, according to WLTP City protocol/source: UTAC and IDIADA/2024.

2 powertrains available
E-Tech full hybrid
motorisations - full-hybrid - Renault
The E-Tech full-hybrid powertrain combines silence, responsiveness, agility and efficiency. A range of up to 1,000 km¹ and all without needing to stop and charge. The battery supports the petrol engine when setting off and delivers incredible acceleration. Enjoy the unique feel of driving electric in the city and on the road at up to 60 km/h.

maximum power kw (hp)


WLTP combined CO2 min/max (g/km)     

WLTP combined consumption min/max (l/100km)     

¹with a full tank of petrol according to WLTP data

Renault Captur E-Tech full hybrid
Discover the fuel efficient, high-performance TCe 90 petrol engine. Its torque and manual gearbox come together to ensure top performance and reduced fuel consumption, perfect for everyday driving.

maximum power
67 (92)     


WLTP combined CO2 min/max (g/km)

WLTP combined consumption min/max (l/100km)


Enjoy the openR link multimedia system with Google built-in*: real-time navigation, voice control and over 50 apps

*Google, Google Play, Google Maps are Google LLC trademarks. 

*Google, Google Play, Google Maps are Google LLC trademarks.

**You will need access to a data plan to use apps downloaded from Google Play. To do this, simply share the phone’s connection with your vehicle. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a separate plan with our partner Orange, where the first 3 GB are free (pay as you go valid for 6 months).

esprit Alpine version
Now available in the esprit Alpine version, Captur boasts a sporty and stylish design that is even more iconic. Every detail comes together in this bold new design, both inside and out.

human first program

28 advanced driver-assistance systems

Park assist - Captur E-Tech full hybrid - Renault
360° around view camera
4 cameras installed on each side of the vehicle provide a 360° view of your surroundings, making manoeuvres a breeze.
active driver assist - Captur E-Tech full hybrid - Renault
active driver assist
The system detects the vehicle in front and keeps a safe distance. The vehicle adjusts its speed automatically going into turns or approaching roundabouts. Lane centering also makes for safer journeys. When traffic slows down, the vehicle stops and starts automatically with the Stop&Go feature.
Safety - Captur E-Tech full hybrid - Renault
detection with emergency trajectory correction
With its front-mounted camera and sensor, the system warns of the imminent risk of collision with a kerb or oncoming vehicle when changing lanes. The steering wheel automatically corrects the trajectory.
and 25 other advanced driver-assistance systems with the human first program     

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0% APR or €1,500 trade-in bonus on both New Captur petrol and E-Tech full hybrid

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