Renault opens virtual museum, 'The Originals', featuring its iconic models and a new merchandise shop

Renault is reconnecting with its past and officially opening its first virtual museum, The Originals. The museum is free of charge and includes the new e-shop, The Originals Store, where visitors can purchase the new Renault merchandise range. With the launch of this new virtual museum, Renault welcomes visitors from around the world to explore Renault’s French cultural heritage spanning over 123 years. The museum offers an immersive access to Renault’s history, featuring archives and simple technical data as well as exciting visuals.
  • Renault opens its first virtual museum, called The Originals, featuring 21 models in a new and innovative technological experience using 3D scans
  • It includes a new e-shop, The Originals Store, where visitors can order merchandise, including previously unreleased collections and some established bestsellers
The museum features 21 of the brand’s legendary models in a new and innovative technological experience thanks to the photogrammetry process. Renault chose this technology to enhance the visitor’s immersion experience and to showcase its iconic models in unparalleled detail. To do this, it created a one-of-a-kind studio to scan the cars in the exact right lighting. The vehicles were thoroughly scanned in 3D, and the areas the system was unable to reach were remodelled and assembled during the post-production process.The website will start adding more models starting in late December 2021 with 50 new models added by the end-January 2022, and 80 on show by end-December 2022.
Arnaud Belloni, Renault Global Chief Marketing Officer, said:
“Renault, an iconic brand of pop culture, needed a museum worthy of the name. With this virtual gallery, we allow our visitors to relive our history, which is also theirs. The Renault brand universe also showcases in the range of The Originals products available in our brand-new e-shop.”
This new e-shop is also an opportunity for the brand to solidify its DNA around fostering strong emotional bonds with its customers, while trying to reach a broader audience. With 400 by-products already available online – miniatures, clothing, toys, accessories, decoration and more – as well as previously unreleased collections and some established bestsellers.

 There are many more surprises in the pipeline for the coming months, and the collections will be enhanced on a regular basis moving forward.

 > Explore the Renault The Originals virtual museum here . 

>  Step into the Renault The Originals Store here . 

Both websites are accessible worldwide and available in six languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian). Additional languages will be added in the coming months.