a 2nd NFT drop dedicated to a collection of collector sneakers

Following the success of the first NFT collection in 2022, R3NLT is back with a second drop! A limited-edition collection of both physical and digital sneakers.

The capsule collection is available in 5 colours based on 5 iconic R5 Turbo models. A 6th colour is being jointly designed with the R3NLT community, inspired by the R5 Turbo 3E E-Tech 100% electric concept car. This collection is also a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the R5 Turbo universe through an immersive 3D experience!

R3NLT, a behind-the-scenes pass to Renault
Renault is looking to transport its community behind the scenes of its brand. Join the Web3 universe for unique and exclusive experiences.

R3NLT is the key for accessing and discovering, right now, Renault’s vision of the future.
the Renault NFT experience
The Renault NFT experience is an invitation to become a brand “insider”, an active member of Renault‘s Web3 initiative, an adventurer of a new type of brand experience.

Car enthusiasts, Renault fans and crypto-addicts can all get together within the R3NLT community.

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genR5: the genesis edition
Dubbed genR5 - gen for genesis, gen for generation, gen for generative art - this first NFT collection marks Renault’s arrival on new gaming scenes, with ambitions that go way beyond the simple drop.

It pays tribute to the iconic R5’s origins, launched in 1972, and presents exclusive outlooks onto the future 2024 R5. genR5 thus acts as a link between the past, present and future.

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