Transporting goods
Are you a goods transport professional? Create your customised solution.
Do you work transporting parcels or in the food or events planning industries? Discover our solutions:
  • Metal shelves
  • Lashing rings
  • Isothermal or refrigerated cells
  • Event vehicles, foodtrucks, etc.

All-New TRAFIC - Mobile office
Mobile office
Your TRAFIC cab transforms into a mobile office in the blink of an eye. Receiving calls and planning your deliveries become a breeze. "Thanks to the mobile office, working inside my TRAFIC has become so much easier!"
All-New TRAFIC - Lashing rings
Lashing rings
Up to 18 lashing rings help you secure your goods and transport them safely.
All-New TRAFIC - Additional reinforced locks
Additional reinforced locks
The parcels or goods you transport are valuable, so opt for our offering of additional reinforced rear locks.
All-New TRAFIC - Rear locking hook
Rear locking hook
If still your load requires that you drive with the rear door open, the left rear door locking hook enables you to keep the rest of your merchandise secure.
All-New TRAFIC - Reversing camera
Reversing camera
Thanks to the reversing camera, you can manoeuvre your vehicle into even the tightest of spaces.
All-New TRAFIC - Wood and polypropylene coverings
Wood and polypropylene coverings
Available in wood or polypropylene, our floors or side trim provide long-lasting protection for your vehicle without interfering with the lashing rings.
All-New TRAFIC - Metal shelves
Metal shelves
Organise your goods and optimise your loading space thanks to our folding metal shelves.

"The best part about this equipment is that is can be tilted; my parcels don't even budge. And midway through my route, I can fold them away for more space."
All-New TRAFIC - Lashing rail
Lashing rails
Whatever your load, compartmentalise and optimise your loading space as much as possible thanks to these lashing rails.
All-New TRAFIC - Carrying
Boost your delivery capacity thanks to the roof rack.

"If it doesn't fit inside, it can definitely go on top!"
All-New TRAFIC - Marking
Do your deliveries have you making frequent stops? Opt for markings on your van to remain visible to other drivers on the road.
All-New TRAFIC - Fabric floor mat
Textile floor mats
Customised, easy to maintain and specially designed for your Renault TRAFIC... The fabric floor mat is easy to install with two secure clips.
All-New TRAFIC - Smartphone holder
Smartphone holder
Keep your mobile phone within easy reach. You can place your phone in the titling holder and recharge it using the nearby connection point.
All-New TRAFIC - Tablet holder
Tablet holder
When stationary, check your tablet easily with this adjustable tablet holder measuring between 4.8 and 10.6 inches.

Transporting goods

Our converted vehicles
Isothermal chamber or refrigerated cell? Which is the best solution for transporting perishable foods?
All-New TRAFIC Isothermal
What is an isothermal chamber? This type of compartment allows you to maintain a temperature without the use of an additional motor (no cold production).

The storage life of your products may vary depending on your materials and the necessary loading volumes.
Renault TRAFIC Refrigerated
What is a refrigerated cell? This type of isothermal chamber is equipped with an adaptable and adjustable cold production unit.

Points to consider:
  • Single or independent compartments Type of opening for easy loading/unloading (swing, sliding doors)
  • Equipment specific to your business (meat hangers, fish shelves, hooks, etc.)
  • Road and/or sector cooling unit? Be sure to include these options depending on your routes
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