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Blue dCi 130
This 2L turbocharged AdBlue® engine combines fuel efficiency and driving pleasure, with its even more impressive 330 Nm of torque. Now available with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Its Stop & Start technology allows you to limit fuel consumption when the engine restarts.
Blue dCi 150 - available as EDC
The 2L turbo engine, with its 350 Nm of torque, combines comfort and responsiveness. Opt for its 6-speed manual version or its automatic dual-clutch 6-speed EDC gearbox for maximum driving pleasure. Both versions are equipped with the Stop & Start system allowing you to optimise fuel consumption. Combined with AdBlue® technology, it offers you responsive and fuel-efficient driving while also reducing your CO2 emissions.
Blue dCi 170 - available as EDC
Its 380 Nm of torque and 170 hp guarantee you increased driving pleasure and responsiveness in all situations.  Opt for its automatic version with dual-clutch, 6-speed EDC gearbox, designed to combine all of the advantages of automatic and manual gearboxes. Or choose its 6-speed manual version for a more hands-on driving experience. You can also limit your pollutant emissions with its integrated AdBlue® technology and reduce your fuel consumption through its Stop & Start system.

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