R5 - Renault

The iconic city car is back, 100% electric. New E Tech engine, new battery, fast charging. Renault 5 packs a punch.

driving range up to 400 km(1)     
go from 15% to 80% driving range in 30 mins(2) 
(1) vehicle certification pending. Data for information purposes only, with the 52km battery availabe, when orders open which may vary depending on the certification of versions equipment.
(2) estimated charging time (DC charge) for the comfort range battery (52 kWh). Pending certification.

Responsive, smooth acceleration, a lower centre of gravity combined with a multi-link rear axle for greater driving pleasure. Put a smile on your face with Renault 5.     

E-Tech 100% electric powertrain 150 hp(1)     
engine torque 245 Nm(2) 
(1) (2) data subject to approval for a comfort-range battery (52 kWh)

Compact on the outside, Renault 5 seats up to 5 passengers inside. With its parking aids, its easy to manoeuvre, easy to park. The city car for every day.     

length 3,92 m
boot capacity 326 L

Renault 5 has a wide range of customisation options. 5 colours, two-tone paintwork, coloured roof trim, roof and front side fittings, 2 choices of wheel rims. Customise Renault 5 to suit you.     

possible combinations 200(1)     

(1) For iconic and techno versions depending on the exterior colour, finish, trim and wheel customisation.

openR link with Google built-in: voice assistant, real-time navigation and more than 50 apps. And for the first time, you can interact with reno, Renault's official avatar, your travel companion who is just as cheeky as your Renault 5.

openR double screen 2x10"
generative AI chatGPT(1)   
(1)  ChatGPT services will be made available via an automatic subsequent update, with no specific action required.     

Fitted with a bi-directional charger,Renault 5 can store and send electricity* to your devices to power them or recharge them (electric bike, etc.). Renault 5 excels with ingenuity.

redistributed power 3700 W

*requires an adapter, available at extrapaid   

leather free, seat textiles made from 100% recycled materials*

recycled plastics, at least 40 kg(1)
Circular economy materials, at least 25 %(2)    

in techno and iconic versions

(1)equivalent to 20%. Zoé contains at least 20 kg of recycled plastics.

(2)including at least 18% recycled materials . In accordance with l’ISO14021.        

Made in Eur5pe*
made in Eur5pe*

Renault 5 is assembled at our plant in Douai, France, using European suppliers. A new European star.

recruitment target 700 jobs (1)     
suppliers less than 300 km away 80%(2)        

made in Europe             
(1) at ElectricCity by the end of 2024    
(2) in the ElectriCity industrial cluster by the end of 2024

Renault 5 packs a punch. Fun, playful, friendly, more respectful and still so chic. A lively, bold and capable city car with up to 400 km* of driving range on a single charge. Not to mention its French charm. R5 IS BACK.

navigation in real time, voice control and more than 50 apps² discover the openR link multimedia system with Google built-in and Renault connected services.
"hey Google, show me charging points near by"

your intelligent travel companion




accessories 3d print@flins

using electric every day

technology and charging

human first program


discover the world of R5

¹data subject to approval for a 52 kWh battery

² Google, Google Play, Google Maps, Waze and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC

³estimated charging time (DC charge ) for the comfortrange battery (52 kWh). Certification pending