5 Movements

Renault 5 reinvents mobility     
5 Movements embodies Renault 5’s avant-garde spirit. Five exclusive collaborations with five well-known French start-ups in the mobility sector and based on natural elements - snow, air, water and earth. Five cool and innovative mobility objects, embodying exclusivity, French know-how and the avant-garde design of Renault 5, an icon of French Tech Mobility.
*French tech based on mobility

5 original Renault 5 creations

R5 moonbike
Interview of Nicolas Muron
Discover the story of moonbike and its founder Nicolas Muron.

R5 searacer
Interview of Flavien Neyertz
Discover the story of searacer and its founder Flavien Neyertz.

R5 evol bmx
Interview of Olivier Le Quellec
Discover the story of evol bmx and its founder Olivier Le Quellec.

R5 plume foil
Interview of Etienne Mombereau
Discover the story of plume foil and its founder Etienne Mombereau.

R5 reverso
Interview of Antoine Simon
Discover the story of reverso and its founder Antoine Simon.