Renault Master

platform and chassis cabs

2,280 kg
of maximum conversion weight
2 energies
electric or diesel
Blue dCi 2L power levels


Available in two lengths and two wheelbases, the platform and chassis cabs can accommodate up to 2,280 kg of conversion weight. Easy to convert, Renault Master offers 2 pollution control standards in the internal combustion engine version and is also available in an E-Tech 100% electric version.


Available in 2 lengths, 2 heights, All-New Renault Master platform and chassis cab adapts to any conversion requirement.
platform cab

L2H1 L3H1
maximum conversion weight 2,280 2,280
Payload capacity (kg)
1,821/2,321 1,800/2,300
Overall length (mm) 5,682 6,312
Maximum body length 3,830 4,775
Maximum body length (mm) 2,170/2,350 2,170/2,350
Maximum body height (mm) 3,500 3,500
Interior width between wheel arches 1,730/1,760 1,770/1,850
single chassis

L2H1 L3H1
Payload capacity (kg)
1,714/2,214 1,719/2,206
Overall length (mm) 5,730 6,360
Overall width (mm) 2,080 2,080
Overall height (mm) 2,260 2,260
Interior width between wheel arches 1,730/1,770 1,730/1,770
twin chassis cab

Payload capacity (kg)
Overall length (mm) 6,360
Overall width (mm) 2,080
Overall height (mm) 2,260
Interior width between wheel arches 1,730/1,770


Customise All-New Renault Master platform or chassis cab by choosing the powertrain, design elements, equipment and accessories that suit you.


All-New Renault Master offers a comprehensive range of powertrains and engines for all types of use, from Blue dCi 2 L engine - available in 4 power levels - to E-Tech 100% electric for long range or urban range driving.
choose your powertrain
E-Tech 100% electric
electric powertrain - Platform and chassis cab - Renault Master
E-Tech 100% electric powertrain
With no CO₂ emissions, opt for silent, responsive and flexible electric driving. Available soon
diesel engine - Platform and chassis cab - Renault Master
diesel engine
Offering 4 performance levels, the diesel version has a new 9-speed automatic gearbox* with lower fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.    

* coming soon     

the best of All-New Renault Master

Available in different dimensions and powertrains, All-New Renault Master platform and chassis cab offers aerodynamics, power, volume and connectivity with openR link and Google built-in*.

*Google, Google Play, Google Maps, Waze and other trademarks are trademarks of Google LLC, available as an option depending on version.     

Renault Master profiles

tipper and platform - Renault Master
tipper and platform