Renault Master


1 625 kg
payload capacity*
1 312 mm
side opening**
2 energies
electric or diesel
*L2H2 E-Tech 100% electric 4t 87 kWh version loading capacity
**source: Renault internal study benchmark side opening (27/10/23)
*L2H2 E-Tech 100% electric 4t 87 kW version loading capacity


All-New Renault Master makes your daily life easier: shorter wheelbase, payload capacity of 1,625 kg* and the widest side opening in its category with 1,312 mm**. Available in electric or diesel front-wheel or rear-wheel drive versions. 


*L2H2 E-Tech 100% electric 4t 87 kWh version**source: Renault internal study benchmark side opening (27/10/23)

*L2H2 E-Tech 100% electric 4t 87 kWh version loading capacity

**source: Renault internal study benchmark side opening (27/10/23)


With 2 lengths, 2 heights and 4 loading volumes available, the van version of All-New Renault Master offers endless possibilities.

L2H2 L3H2 L3H3*
Loading volume (m³)     
10,8 13 14,8
Payload capacity (kg)     
1971 1905 NC**
E-Tech payload capacity (kg)    
1625 1547 NC**
Overall length (mm)     
5685 6315 6315
Overall length with running board (mm)     
5780 6410 6410
Max. loading length     
3186 3816 3816
Overall width (mm)     
2080 2080 2080
Overall height (mm)     
2500 2500 2780
Interior width between wheel arches     
1730/1760 1730/1760 1730/1760
Sliding side door entry width     
1312 1312 1312
Rear door lower entrance width     
1537 1537 1537

*available at a later date 

**in 4t version


Whether you are a transport professional or a tradesperson, adapt your van to suit your needs: dimensions, powertrain, fittings and much more.


All-New Renault Master offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of powertrains for a utility vehicle, with 4 power levels with the diesel engine and two batteries on its E-Tech 100% electric version.
choose your powertrain
E-Tech 100% electric
Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric
E-Tech 100% electric powertrain
With no CO₂ emissions, opt for silent, responsive and flexible electric driving. Enjoy the best driving range in its category up to 460 km* in its 87 kWh long range version. Enjoy more than 180 km of driving range in its 40 kWh urban range version**. Available soon.

*E-Tech L2H2 4t and 87 kWh WLTP version, large van category, Renault study 24/01/24.**E-Tech L2H2 4t and 40 kWh version, pending WLTP certification.
**version E-Tech L2H2 4t et 40 kWh, homologation WLTP en cours.
Renault Master - diesel
diesel engine

Offering 4 performance levels and driving range, the diesel version has a new 9-speed automatic gearbox* with lower fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

*available at a later date

the best of All-New Renault Master

Available in different dimensions and powertrains, All-New Renault Master van offers aerodynamics, power, volume and connectivity with openR link and Google built-in*.

*Google, Google Play, Google Maps, Waze and other trademarks are trademarks of Google LLC, available as an option depending on version.

Renault Master profiles

large volume - van Master - Renault
large volume