Renault Master

tippers and flatbeds

up to 43˚
of tipping in tipper version
up to 1812 kg
of aluminium tipper payload capacity*
up to 1465 kg
of aluminium tipper payload capacity**
up to 15
available versions
*4-tonne E-Tech 100% electric version L2H1 version
**3.5 tonne diesel L2H1 version


Assembled at Renault’s manufacturing plant in Batilly, France, All-New Renault Master tipper or flatbed benefits from Renault’s logistical and industrial expertise.
*4t E-Tech 100% electric L2H1 aluminium flatbed version    


All-New Renault Master tipper or drop-side flatbed is available on a chassis cab or double cab base, in 2 heights and 3 lengths.*

*L4 available at a later date

L2H1 L3H1
Overall length (mm)     
5730 6360
Overall width (mm)     
2070 2070
Overall height (mm)     
2340 2340
Payload capacity (kg)     
1465*  1177**
Tipper length (mm)     
3200 3200
Tipper width (mm)     
2000 2000
Tipper height (mm)     
400 400
Euro pallet capacity     
6 6

L2H1 L3H1
Overall length (mm)     
5865 6463
Overall width (mm)     
2098 2098
Overall height (mm)     
2315 2315
Payload capacity (kg)     
1812*** 1611****
Tipper length (mm)     
3200 3800
Tipper width (mm)     
2038 2038
Tipper height (mm)     
350 350
Euro pallet capacity     
6 6

*3.5-tonne diesel L2H1 version

**3.5-tonne diesel L3H1 version

***4-tonne E-Tech 100% electric L2H1 version

****4-tonne E-Tech 100% electric L3H1 version


Customise All-New Renault Master tipper or flatbed by choosing the powertrain, design elements, equipment and accessories that suit you.


All-New Renault Master tipper or flatbed offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of powertrains for a utility vehicle, with 4 power levels with the diesel engine and two batteries on its E-Tech 100% electric version.
choose your powertrain E-Tech 100% electric
E-Tech 100% electric
Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric
E-Tech 100% electric powertrain
With no CO₂ emissions, opt for silent, responsive and flexible electric driving. Available soon.

Renault Master - diesel
diesel engine

Offering 4 performance levels, the diesel version has a new 9-speed automatic gearbox* with lower fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.    

*coming soon

the best of All-New Renault Master

Available in different dimensions and powertrains, All-New Renault Master tipper and flatbed offers aerodynamics, power, volume and connectivity with openR link and Google built-in*. *.    

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Renault Master profiles

châssis cabine - Renault Master
platform and chassis cab