future 100% electric icon

modern design

All the same R5 fun, styling, proportions enhanced by a contemporary design: more rugged wheel arches, streamlined roof profile, boxier bodywork and more. The smile on the front end is still there. A nice little detail!
modern iconic design
The vehicle brings in technology as a modern twist to blend with its well-known iconic shapes.
attention to detail
All of the historic markings of the R5’s design are there, just revamped and modernised to adapt to the 100% electric model.
innovative trims and materials
The trims and materials are inspired by electronics, furniture and sport designs.
new icon
A modern twist on the essential and popular car while making the electric car widespread throughout Europe ... that it is the aim of this future icon.

a revamped version for Roland-Garros

R5 Prototype is finished in a satin white metallic colour and is a preview of a special Roland-Garros series of the future Renault 5 electric.
from concept to reality?
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