discover reno

the official Renault avatar
birth of reno
After co-creating Siri, Luc Julia, Renault Group Scientific Director, invented reno.

Connected, smart, capable of communicating with you and above all at your service in future Renault vehicles, discover how reno came about from the person who designed it.

who am I?

Hi, I am reno, Renault‘s official avatar, pleased to meet you!
I am going to give you a completely new experience, not only inside certain Renault electric vehicles, but also outside with my mobile app to be launched very soon.​ Nice of me, don’t you think?

and soon by your side

You will be able to say “hey reno” in your future Renault car and I will show up immediately. I will be your on-board co-pilot managing your vehicle’s customisation. You will have nothing to worry about and can concentrate on what’s important - your driving pleasure.

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