Renault moves into a new era bringing modernity to the European automotive industry by evolving into a tech, service and cleannenergy brand

The RENAULT 5 Prototype

The new all-electric Renault 5, a modern twist on a classic but still the same electrifying drive
Renault believes the soul of the brand lies firmly within its roots, this inspired our design team to reinvent the world-renowned Renault 5. The Renault 5 Prototype - an all-electric car for all people.
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An icon re-invented for the 21st century
Renault design chief Gilles Vidal said: “The design of the Renault 5 Prototype is based on the R5, a cult model of our heritage. This prototype simply embodies modernity, a vehicle relevant to its time: urban, electric, attractive.” 

The Renault 5 Prototype is an all-electric 5-door supermini. The design features numerous references to different versions of the original 5 stable, including the cult classic Renault 5 GT Turbo and the Supercinq. Such as, the flared wheel arches, the headlights and upright rear lights. The off-centre bonnet air-intake cleverly serves as the EV charging point and the fog lights in the lower front bumper serve as daytime running lights.

The production version of the Renault 5 Prototype will use the same fully electric technology as the ZOE. Exact specifications have not been finalised. The ZOE makes use of a 50kWh battery pack enabling a maximum range of 245 miles, while recharging speed is capped at 50kW. Buyers have a choice of two electric motor options - one car with a 132bhp motor and one with 108bhp.
A nod to the past
The original Renault 5 was launched in 1972 and by 1980, it was one of the best-selling cars in the world. In 1976 the 5 Gordini was released in the UK), known as one of the world’s first true hot hatches. Renault 5 GT Turbo followed in 1980. Finally the second generation known as the Supercinq, launched in 1984 with a revised look and built on a new platform.

From concept to reality

The future is now

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