Windscreen repair or replacement, bodywork repairs in the event of a collision, or damage. Renault Service is simple: a one-stop shop for all your bodywork operations, with or without an appointment.
Got a chip in your windscreen? A chipped windscreen can damage wiper blades and could possibly be a NCT failure.
Windscreen damage?
Everything is sorted out in the blink of an eye.
Renault Service takes care of everything including your windscreen:
  • We repair and replace your windscreen without an appointment.
  • We handle all of the administrative steps with your insurer.
  • We pay your windscreen excess.We offer a lifetime Windscreen warranty.
Does your Renault's bodywork need some work? Discover our simple and affordable solutions for all types of damage.
Renault Assistance
Everything is sorted out in the blink of an eye.
Renault Assistance are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Renault Assistance aims to provide you with peace of mind motoring, by providing assistance if your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or electrical defects which are covered by warranty.
Why use a Renault Approved Accident Repair Centre? Repairing your Renault
Renault Approved Accident Repair Centres ensure your car and warranty are fully protected.
Renault Approved Accident Repair Centres meet Renault’s rigorous standards for service and quality, and they can ensure your car and warranty are fully protected to the level of quality that you purchased it at and therefore ensure that you keep your Renault 100% Renault.

Some insurance companies may try to convince you that you should have it repaired at their Bodyshop and may not use genuine Renault parts. Before your car is repaired, ask these three questions...
  • Will you be using Renault Genuine Parts on my vehicle – if not, why not?
  • Can I have Renault Genuine Parts used on my vehicle?
  • Could non-genuine parts invalidate my warranty and Euro NCAP safety rating?
With Renault Service and our bodywork solutions, it's easy to make your car look great!
New Renault vehicle?
New Renault vehicle?
Protect it against all damage with Ixtar G-3 Glasscoat
Total protection from sunlight, ultraviolet rays, acid rain, tree say and bird droppings. Also protects the inside of your vehicle against inevitable spillages with its interior fabric or leather protection system. 5 year transferable guarantee with no need for waxing, reapplication or annual inspections
Bodywork maintenance: your Renault looks as good as new
Bodywork maintenance: your Renault looks as good as new
Take care of your Renault with the special wheel rim or interior cleaners, air fresheners, scratch remover polish, etc. In Renault's workshops, you will find professional quality maintenance products at unbeatable prices. Next time you visit, check out our range of bodywork maintenance products. Renault also offer a range of touch-up sticks and paint protection to match the exact colour of your car, which are ideal for covering small scratches and scrapes.
Reselling your car? Beauty enhancement required!
Reselling your car? Beauty enhancement required!
Using the Ixtar valeting range

The Ixtar range of valeting products is perfect for taking care of your car. From products for all aspects of washing, servicing, and refurbishment Ixtar offer a huge range, such as car shampoo, vehicle protection covers, polish, wax, repair kits, washing systems, refurbishment products, air con cleaner and much more.

Why choose us for bodywork repairs?

Renault Service - Bodywork
Make your life easier.
Renault Body Shop will carry out a technical inspection of your vehicle and handle administrative procedures with your insurance company when a claim is required.
Renault Service - Bodywork
Benefit from 100% original Renault parts.
We use the manufacturer's recommended methods for repairing your vehicle, with original parts and paintwork to match your vehicle.
Renault Service - Bodywork
Keep moving.
A dedicated fleet of courtesy vehicles is available to you when your vehicle is off the road.
Each of our carefully selected Renault Approved Accident Repair Centres has been chosen to meet the strictest criteria to carry out the best repairs, thus ensuring that the 12-year anti-corrosion warranty on your vehicle is maintained.
Renault continuously invests millions of pounds making sure that all vehicles in our range will protect you in the event of an accident making us one of the most successful manufacturers in terms of safety. This has been recognised by the independent and industry wide Euro NCAP crash tests.
As technology changes dramatically, Renault invests heavily in training programmes for our approved body repairers to meet the high standards required to maintain Renault vehicles.
Renault Approved Accident Repair Centres have full access to genuine Renault Parts which preserve your car’s original driving pleasure, technology, quality, environment and above all, safety. Their use will ensure your vehicle's Euro NCAP rating is maintained whereas the use of non-genuine parts could compromise your safety and that of your passengers.