Master E-Tech 100% Electric
All-new Renault Master
Renault Master is entering a new era: its aerodynamic form designed in a wind tunnel marks a design that enhances efficiency. Combined with its new dynamic braking system, it consumes 1.5 L (in diesel version dCi 2L ¹) less fuel and has a 27% longer driving range in E-Tech 100% electric version (up to 460 km of autonomy²). Its cabin designed around the driver provides easy access to the controls and to the 10” screen with openR link and Google built-in³.
1 625 kg
usable cargo capacity⁴
1 312 mm
side opening  
conversions produced during Renault manufacture
2 energies
electric or diesel

¹ measurement taken in WLTP cycle mars 2023 comparing Master L2H2 3,5T dCi 130 vs Renault Master 3 phase 2 Blue dCi 135.Renault Internal Study. 

² measurement taken in WLTP cycle comparing Master L2H2 E-Tech 87 kW and Renault Master E-Tech Electric 52 kW. Renault Internal Study. 

³ Google, Google Play, Google Maps, Waze and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC

⁴ L2H2 E Tech 100% electric 4t 87 kWh load capacity.

27% lower electricity consumption¹

¹ measurement taken in WLTP cycle comparing Master L2H2 E-Tech 87 kW and Renault Master E-Tech Electric 52 kW. Renault Internal Study

aerodynamic design

designed for high performance
Every last detail of Renault Master van’s exterior design was subjected to demanding wind tunnel analysis in order to improve air flow management and make each element more aerodynamic.
designed to be more efficient
460 km
87 kWh E-Tech 100% electric powertrain driving range¹
¹ in L2H2 4T version according to the WLTP cycle

2 energies available

E-Tech 100% electric
Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric
The E-Tech 100% electric version is a compelling choice with its zero CO₂ emissions and low electricity consumption. Two battery options adjust performance to your needs: 40 kWh and 170 km of driving range, ideal for deliveries around town, or 87 kWh for 460 km, perfect for longer trips with charging in 38 minutes.¹ .¹

maximum power
140  ch  (105  kW)²


WLTP CO₂ emissions

¹ according to WLTP protocol March 2023, may vary according to versions and options
² for 87 kWh battery
Renault Master - diesel
Go further with the new Blue dCi powertrain and its performances suitable for long distances. Combined with the new hydraulic dynamic braking system, this diesel version, aerodynamic up to its air deflectors, ensures lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption: less than 195 g/100 km.¹

maximum power
170  ch  (125  kW)²

automatic and manual

WLTP CO₂ emissions
from 194g/km³

from 7,5L/100km
¹ Blue dCi 105 BVM
² Blue dCi 180 BVA
³ Renault Master L2H2 3,5T dCi 105 according to WLTP protocol February 2024, combined cycle.
⁴ according to WLTP protocol February 2023, may vary according to versions and options.
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40 conversions produced during Renault manufacture

Master conversions carried out in Renault plants

1 625 kg¹ of loading capacity
With the best performances in its category, Renault Master is equipped for productive business days: up to 1,625 kg¹ of payload and 2,500 kg towing capacity. Make loading easy with the practical rear sill and its optimum-shaped cargo area with loading handle. The largest sliding side door in its category.
¹  charging capacity in L2H2 E Tech 100% electric 4t 87 kWh version.
¹ in L2H2 E-Tech version 100% electric 87 kWh 

ergonomics and storage

¹ optional


openR link with Google built-in

large 10.1” screen - Renault Master
large 10.1” screen
Enjoy one of the largest screens on the market in your Renault Master van with its smart openR link multimedia system with Google built-in. A streamlined and user-friendly interface, with smartphone mirroring to assist you on all of your business trips.
car apps - Renault Master
more than 50 in-car apps
Make your life easier with the openR link multimedia system: read your emails with Vivaldi, access the tools and Google services that you need such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, navigate with Waze or find a parking space with EasyPark.
business - Renault Master
designed for business use
Because your time is precious, the openR link system with Google built-in lets you manage your trips, communications or even the in-car temperature using Google Assistant, without compromising your driving experience.

human first program

20 advanced systems driver-assistance systems

park assist and rear view camera - Renault Master
park assist and rear view camera
Park assist uses sensors to guide you by indicating the presence of nearby obstacles with audible and visual signals. As soon as you start reversing, the camera transmits a rear view with markers on the central screen (Park Assist option).
pedestrian safety - Renault Master
pedestrian safety
A sensor tells the driver to brake if there is a risk of collision with a pedestrian. The system reinforces the braking if the driver’s reactions are too slow and even brakes completely if necessary.
blind spot - Renault Master
detection of cyclists in the blind spot on the road and in urban areas
The blind spot warning (BSW) detects the presence of a cyclist or a vehicle in the rear side areas outside of the field of vision. A light signal in the wing mirrors alerts the driver. On the passenger side, a sensor detects cyclists in the blind spot and activates an audible and light signal.
and 17 other advanced driver-assistance systems with the human first program

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