Accessories New Renault CLIO

Renault CLIO small car orange exterior


Add a new dimension

Customise your All-New CLIO to suit your tastes with our range of accessories.

CLIO shark fin aerial

Shark-fin aerial

Add a sporty touch with this aerial that blends in perfectly with the curve of your All-New CLIO.

CLIO range of door sills

Door sill range

Stylishly protect your small car's door sill. In the back-lit version, they illuminate as soon as the doors are opened.

CLIO underbody ambient lighting

Underbody ambient lighting

No need to get lost in a poorly lit car park! When you approach the vehicle, or with a single press on the remote control, All-New CLIO illuminates remotely.

CLIO bodywork protection pack

Bodywork protection pack

Effectively protect the paintwork of your All-New CLIO from small impacts, scratches and repeated rubbing.


Want to customise your All-New CLIO?

Customise your vehicle with its range of accessories.

CLIO seat covers

Seat covers

Easy to fit and clean, they offer ideal protection for your All-New CLIO's original upholstery and an additional touch of personality.

CLIO front armrest

Front armrest

It offers you improved comfort while driving and additional storage space.

CLIO induction smartphone charger

Induction smartphone charger

Recharge your smartphone by placing it on the charging point in the central console.

CLIO focal pack

Focal Pack

In terms of sound, the full range of Focal speakers meets the needs of all music lovers who seek impeccable sound quality on board.

All-New Renault CLIO in detail

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Starting RRP €26,990 *
New ZOE Play R110 Z.E 50
*Price does not include the cost of optional paint or dealer delivery charges. Price incorporates VRT relief and and maximum SEAI Grant of €5,000 for private buyers.
Starting RRP €22,595 *
All-New CAPTUR Play Tce 100 manual
*Price does not include the cost of optional paint or dealer delivery charges.
Starting RRP
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