driving pleasure

4Control advanced

Renault Austral
The advanced, new generation 4Control system offers a sensational driving experience. With this system, Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid is easy to handle and agile at low speed, and remains stable and safe when driving at high speed.
The 4Control advanced system assists you during every trip. No matter your speed, your driving is more stable and smoother on the road.
The 4Control advanced system facilitates bends and U-turns at low speed. Just like a city car, its 10.1 m turning circle makes all your manoeuvres easier.     
agility and handling - driving pleasure - Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid
more agility and improved handling
With its small turning circle (comparable to that of a city car), you can manoeuvre easily to park or weave through city centre streets at up to 50 kph. 
driving - driving pleasure - Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid
greater driving pleasure on bends
All 4 wheels turn in the same direction to improve road-holding when cornering at more than 50 kph.
multi-sense - driving pleasure - Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid
Use multi-sense for up to 5 different driving experiences behind the wheel. Customise your vehicle as you please by adapting engine responsiveness and acoustics, steering firmness, lighting ambiance and driver screen configuration.