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hybrid range

New Arkana
In town, you can make fuel savings of up to 40% and drive silently in electric mode for up to 80% of your journey time whilst recharging the battery automatically when you decelerate and brake. No need to plug in.     
The electric system assists the engine when accelerating to give you a better driving experience and lower fuel consumption.     

compare powertrains

E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp mild hybrid 160 hp mild hybrid 140 hp
technology 1 x 230 V battery
+ 2 electric motors + 1 combustion engine
1 x 12 V battery + 1 combustion engine 1 x 12 V battery + 1 combustion engine
reduced fuel consumption up to 40% up to 8% up to 8%
fuel consumption from 4.7 l/100 km from 5.8 l/100 km from 5.8 l/100 km
CO2 emissions from 105 g/km from 130 g/km from 130 g/km
Crit’Air classification 1 1 1
energy recovery via deceleration and braking yes  yes yes
energy recovery amplification  yes no no
combustion engine electrical assistance yes yes yes
city electric driving up to 80% of trips with energy recovery no no

E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp

le meilleur de l'hybride - motorisation - Renault Arkana E-Tech full hybrid
hybrid at its best
  • E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp new generation powertrain 
  •  up to 80% electric driving in the city 
  •  up to 40% fuel savings 
  •  reduced CO2 emissions 
  •  crisp and responsive acceleration 
  •  up to 1,000 km of driving range
145 hp
E-Tech full hybrid powertrain
80 %
electric driving in town¹  
40 %
fuel savings² 
1,000 km
of driving range³  
¹depending on battery charge level and driving style / source: Renault internal / 2023
²for an E-Tech full hybrid powertrain compared with an internal combustion engine and depending on driving style, according to WLTP urban protocol, March 2023
³with a full tank of petrol according to WLTP data
technology - powertrain - Renault Arkana E-Tech full hybrid
Arkana has an E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp powertrain: 4 cylinder, 1.6 litre petrol engine combined with two electric motors, a 230V Lithium-ion battery and a smart multi-modal gearbox.
main characteristics
main characteristics - powertrain - Renault Arkana E-Tech full hybrid
Systematic start-up in electric mode offers powerful acceleration. Recharge the battery when driving with regenerative braking. This powertrain has astoundingly low fuel consumption in town whilst offering incomparable responsiveness.
CO₂ emissions
CO₂ emissions - main characteristics - powertrain - Renault Arkana E-Tech full hybrid
  • up to 40% fuel savings*
  • CO₂ emissions from 105 g/km**

*during urban driving
**in WLTP cycle
e-save - powertrain - Renault Arkana E-Tech full hybrid
This mode keeps up to 40% of your electric driving range to be ready for a steep road or everyday driving using the battery. 

mild hybrid

mild hybrid - powertrain -Renault Arkana E-Tech full hybrid
mild hybrid 140 hp EDC and 160 hp

  • 12 V battery 
  •  1.3 L compressed petrol combustion engine 
  •  EDC automatic gearbox 
  •  reduced CO₂ emissions
Arkana’s mild hybrid technology combines the power of the 140 hp and 160 hp, 1.3 L compressed petrol engine with the assistance of the 12 V mild hybrid electric system for enhanced efficiency. The Lithium-ion battery that powers the system recharges itself by recovering kinetic energy during deceleration.
main characteristics
The electric assistance limits the impact of the combustion engine during the start-up and acceleration phases, by reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. This gives you a smoother and more energetic ride for greater driving comfort.