electric planning integrated into Google Maps

route planner built into Google Maps

Renault Scenic
route planner - Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
route planner
Integrated into Google Maps¹ in your Scenic E-Tech 100% electric, it offers routes that include charging points and the stopping times required for your journey, according to your preferences. The journey is automatically updated according to your vehicle’s actual energy consumption. If there is an obstacle along the way, the route is automatically recalculated. 

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let the system guide you

Real-time planner - Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
real-time planning
The route is constantly updated to optimise your journey and your charging points. If there is an obstacle along the way, a new, updated itinerary is suggested with new charging points. To estimate the driving range and arrival time as accurately as possible, different factors are processed in real time,including wind speed and battery temperature.
Customisation - Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
your habits and preferences taken into account
To further optimise your journeys, you can designate, for example, your home or place of work as charging places: the system will then know that you can go there without having to charge on the way. You can also select different types of charging and opt only for fast charging points, for example. You can also designate your preferred payment methods in advance. 
Google Maps - Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
proactive selection of the fastest charging points
With Google Maps, everything is optimised to simplify any kind of journey. During journeys, the system selects the fastest charging point(s) according to your preferences, with the option of changing them if it does not suit you. You can also change the order of the stops and replace some of them. The system then recalculates your route in real time.
Preconditioning - Renault Scenic E-tech 100% electric
Battery preconditioning
Battery preconditioning is a key factor to get the most efficient charge - it helps to optimise the battery by bringing it to the ideal temperature when approaching the charging point. This makes charging faster.
With Google Maps, preconditioning is automatically activated when you enter the journey into the app.