Renault Virtual Showroom

Take a guided tour of our latest models in 360 degrees thanks to our Renault Gurus.

Discover Renault models without leaving your home

These specialists will be able to answer your questions in real time and show you all those innovative features where pictures can’t do them justice.

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Answers to your questions at a time that suits you

Thanks to a one-way connection, there’s no need to be shy as you can see them but they can’t see you. Plus, our Renault Gurus are here to advise rather than sell so feel free to take a tour by clicking on the model you’d like to see in detail below.

Staying safe at work is our number one priority which is why we have adapted our Virtual Showroom with stringent safety measures that exceed official requirements in order to ensure the welfare of our Renault Gurus whilst working. 


Opening hours: Live tours are available between 10am and 8pm, Monday to Sunday. If our Gurus are engaged or offline, you can schedule a slot that suits you.


Christmas Opening Hours

Thursday December 24th :  10am – 6pm

Friday December 25th :  Closed

Saturday December 26th – Wednesday December 30th :  Normal Hours 10am – 8pm

Thursday December 31st :  10am - 6pm

Friday January 1st :  Closed

Saturday January 2nd : Normal Hours 10am – 8pm

Step 1
Step 1

Click on the model you are interested in below and enter your name and email address into the form...

Step 2
Step 2

You’ll receive a request to access the microphone on your device.  Please accept this request in order to continue

Step 3
Step 3

And you’re away! You’ll enter our showroom and be greeted by one of our friendly product gurus!

Renault CLIO Virtual Showroom

Explore the outside

Get up close and discover Renault exterior features, from lighting signatures to boot openings...

Renault ZOE Virtual Showroom

Discover the interior

We can show you around the interior too, so you can really see all the great Renault features from media systems to storage spaces for your coffee cup.

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