Have you lost your keys? Would you like a spare key for your vehicle? Renault is with you, every step of the way.

Renault Service advice

Having an issue with the keys of your Renault vehicle? Our experts have a solution for every key type compatible with your vehicle: Metal keys, cards or keyless entry cards.

A new key in 3 steps

Every step in getting you a new key is highly secure in order to protect you and your vehicle.
Renault Key
Step 1
Book an appointment with your dealer
Renault Key
Step 2
Visit your dealer 

Stop by one of our shops, equipped with: 
- your vehicle's registration
- your ID - your spare key (if you have one). 
Your service adviser will inform you of the wait time.
Renault Key
Step 3
Leave with your new key in hand!

Your Renault Service adviser will contact you again to sync your new key with your vehicle.

The Renault advantage

Leave your vehicle in the hands of Renault experts and benefit from: 

- the Renault expertise of qualified, specialised teams 
- the 1-year warranty on parts and labour for all services 
- all of the advantages of using Renault Original Parts, including security compliance (assured quality identical to "the original").

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