Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers guarantee perfect grip and road holding and enchance journey comfort. 

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They cover parts, labour, quality inspection and road testing after.  Shock absorber packages guarantee perfect grip and road-holding and enhance journey comfort by replacing the front and rear shock absorbers. They cover parts, labour, quality inspection and road testing after the shock absorber has been replaced.  Be on the lookout for the initial signs of deficiency in your shock absorbers: increased braking distance, faster wear on tyres, and aquaplaning.

  Front shock absorbers Rear shock absorbers
Renault TWINGO I & II (*)
€259 €259
Renault CLIO II, III, IV (*)
Renault SCENIC II (*)
€299 €259
Renault MEGANE III (*)
Renault SCENIC III (*)
€459 €259
Renault LAGUNA III (*) €459 €259

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(*) Sample prices for some vehicles. For further information on the right package for your vehicle, please contact your nearest Renault dealer.

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