Air conditioning

You can't put a price on your well-being and safety, so Renault Service offers air conditioning maintenance.

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Air conditioning

The climate control system blows both hot and cold.

It demists your windows, regulates the atmosphere inside your vehicle and cleans it with a unique, Renault patented, anti-allergen filter.  Prolong the quality of your air conditioning and improve your on-board comfort with Renault Service. You get an Air Conditioning diagnosis and packages perfectly suited to your needs.

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Renault Genuine cabin filter

Maintain the air quality in your cabin

Dust, pollen, particles... With a high filtration capacity, Renault Genuine cabin filters preserve the air quality in your vehicle, and ensure your comfort and safety by restricting misting of your windscreen. And with a long lifespan, you can drive with peace of mind!

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Our air conditioning packages

We offer air conditioning diagnostics and packages that are suited to your needs.

€119 for all vehicles


This package includes: R134a gas refill, air-conditioning circuit oil top-up, and labour.

Renault CLIO II, Renault SCENIC II (**) € 179
Renault CLIO III, Renault MEGANE II (**) € 179
Renault ESPACE IV, Renault LAGUNA III, Renault CLIO IV (**) € 179
Renault KOLEOS, Renault MEGANE III, Renault SCENIC III (**) € 179

(**) This package includes: cleaning spray, R134a gas refill, anti-odour cabin filter and labour. Sample prices for some vehicles. For further information on the right package for your vehicle, please contact your nearest Renault dealer.

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