air conditioning
Maintain the air quality in your cabin
Your air-con needs checking regularly. Watch out for first signs that there's something wrong like:

  • unpleasant smells
  • allergy problems
  • the screen not demisting
  • educed flow of air and strange condensation

It's best to use your air-con regularly, all year round. This way, it stays more efficient in between your yearly cleans. Yearly check-ups are important to avoid any mould or bacteria that can build up. You can also have your cabin filter replaced and gas recharged every two years if your air-con isn't working like it used to be.

Dust, pollen, particles... With a high filtration capacity, Renault Genuine cabin filters preserve the air quality in your vehicle, and ensure your comfort and safety by restricting misting of your windscreen. And with a long lifespan, you can drive with peace of mind!

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