Driving range, battery & charging New Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE electric city car
Renault ZOE - Z.E. 50 battery

Z.E. 50 battery

With a 52-kWh capacity, the battery in ZOE allows you to drive up to 395 km (WLTP*).


*WLTP driving range (Worldwide Harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure, standardised cycle: 57% urban routes, 25% peri-urban routes, 18% motorway routes), for the ZOE Play version fitted with 15" wheel rims.

Calculate your New Renault ZOE’s driving range

Your actual driving range depends on a combination of factors:

All-new ZOE speed


The faster you drive, the more energy you need to maintain your speed.

All-new ZOE driving style

Driving style

Use Z.E. technologies such as deceleration or regenerative braking to optimise your driving range.

All-new ZOE topography


When driving uphill, your electricity consumption affects your driving range. You recover energy when driving downhill.

All-new ZOE weather conditions

Weather conditions

On average, the Z.E. 50 battery offers a maximum driving range of 375 km in the summer and 240 km miles in the winter. 

Charging your New ZOE

All-new ZOE Wallbox home charger

At home

Charge your New ZOE at home by installing a home wallbox. New ZOE will charge from 0-100% in 9 hours and 25 minutes from a 7kW wall box, so  enjoy your evening, go to bed and wake up to a fully charged ZOE!

The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) provides grant assistance to private buyers of electric vehicles, to subsidise the purchase and installation of a home charging point.

Charging All-new ZOE at work

At work

A growing number of businesses are installing electric charging points for their employees. Charge your ZOE on arrival at work!

All-new ZOE public charging station

In public

With the standard Caméléon™ charger, get up to 100% battery life in 3 hours at the 22-kW charging points in shopping centres, city centre car parks or on public roads.

Charging All-new ZOE on the motorway

On the motorway

Planning a weekend getaway? Don't waste any more time! With our new DC charger, 30 minutes is all your ZOE needs to recover up to 150 km of driving range at a fast charging point. Time for a coffee!

Calculate the charging time for your New ZOE

Depending on its battery, motor and charging equipment.

Locate charging points easily

Plan and manage your charging process easily

With Renault EASY CONNECT services and the Combo CCS socket in your ZOE, you can manage your charging with ease.

All-new ZOE MY Renault app

Manage your vehicle remotely

From your MY Renault app, remotely check the battery level, schedule charging during off-peak hours and plan your journey, including stops at charging stations. Find your route on ZOE's 9.3" screen.

Renault ZOE charging

Benefit from a versatile charging mode

Thanks to the CCS Combo plug located behind the diamond of your ZOE's grille, you can plug in to any charging station in Europe.

All-new ZOE Z.E. Trip

Travel with peace of mind

Display the area in range, locate the available charging stations and manage your route, dictate an SMS, or play your favourite music... Take advantage of many features designed to accompany you throughout your journey with the Renault EASY LINK system.

Boost your driving range

Equipped with easy-to-use technologies, ZOE offers you the keys to optimise your driving range.

Power saver

The power saver located on the right of your 10" driver's screen informs you whether you are consuming or recovering energy. Manage your consumption in real time to preserve your driving range.

ECO mode

ECO mode allows you to optimise energy consumption. It works on certain high-drain vehicle features (heating, air conditioning, power steering, etc.) and certain driving actions.

Passenger compartment pre-conditioning

Increase your driving range with pre-conditioning. When the vehicle is connected, it is possible to set the desired temperature from EASY LINK for the time of your departure or to start pre-conditioning instantly from your smartphone with a target temperature of 21° C.


New Renault ZOE in detail

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