driving range and charge time

simulate the driving range and charging timeMEGANE E-TECH 100% ELECTRIC

Adjust the simulator settings to estimate the driving range under normal operating conditions. The result may be higher than its certification calculated using the WLTP protocol.*

Adjust the settings for your Megane E-Tech 100% electric and your target charge level to calculate how much charging time is needed for each type of charging point.

Adjust the settings to calculate the annual savings when driving Megane E-Tech 100% electric compared to your current car.

Your current driving

KM travelled per year: 10,000 km

my estimated fuel consumption is: 6 l/100km

Fuel type

Current fuel price: €1.61 /l

Your future electric vehicle

Charging Point Type

Electricity cost: €0.22 /kwh

Your annual fuel savings

Your annual fuel savings

€966estimated annual savings

your vehicle
cost to cover the number of miles shown in the driving range for your current car:


a full charge (to cover miles given in the driving range) will cost:


Figures shown are estimates only and will vary depending on your personal circumstances and your electricity provider fees. Renault does not guarantee these results. Home energy charging cost of €0.43 per kwh, low energy home charging tariff of €0.22 per kwh, public charging cost of €0.56 per kwh, and rapid charging cost of €0.68. Connection fees may also apply when using public charging networks. Calculated for the range obtained in the first tab. To adjust it, you simply need to switch to the first tab and change the driving parameters. Actual real-world driving results may vary depending on factors including weather conditions, driving styles, vehicle load or any accessories fitted after registration.
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Understand your range with our simulator

Factors that can impact your range
The driving range of Megane E-Tech 100% electric can vary due to a number of factors: weather conditions, driving style, the number of passengers on board. Even the choice of version can have an impact on the weight of the vehicle. To find out the actual driving range, try the simulator below, which takes into account the driving conditions. 

Driving range and fast charging - the winning combination
When planning your journey, driving range and recharging options are the two major factors to consider. Find the right balance that responds to your needs. For example, on a 482 km journey on the motorway, you can cover 321 km then a rapid recharge of only 30 minutes will give you more than the remaining 160 km you need. This is closely comparable to the total time when using a conventional combustion engine vehicle.

*Figures shown are indicative and should not be relied upon. Actual real world driving results may vary depending on factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load. Charging times may vary depending on factors including charging conditions, battery and ambient temperature at point of use.