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easy charging wherever you areMEGANE E-TECH 100% ELECTRIC

At home, charge Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric easily on the domestic network using the domestic terminal, the reinforced domestic socket or a standard domestic socket.

A night out at the movies? Take a moment to charge your vehicle on the public terminal network. For longer trips, recover up to 300 km of driving range in 30 minutes on a rapid charging station.

Need extra charging options in addition to your home and public charging solutions? Renault offers you access to its sales network locations equipped with charging stations.* The network already includes nearly 4,000 charging points across Europe.

* according to the opening hours of the dealer. 


 Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - Mobilize power solutions

with MOBILIZE Financial Services

install your home charging solution

When you purchase your Megane E-Tech 100% electric, Mobilize Financial Services can help you with installing your home charging solution by providing a  fixed price offer, tailored to you and your vehicles home charging needs. Our technicians can install your charging solution before your vehicle is delivered or it can be included in your finance package.


installation type charge power(2) recommended cable charge time(²) 
40 kWh battery 60 kWh battery
50 km 150 km 300 km
50 km 250 km 450 km
home charger 7.4 kW mode 3 cable included with purchase 1h10 3h15 6h30 1hr10 5 hrs 9 hrs 15
domestic socket (3-pin plug)(1) 2.3 kW mode 2 “flexi-charger” cable in accessories 3h20 10h35 21 hrs 3h20  17 hrs 30 hrs 30
rapid public charging station 130 kW cable attached to station 10min 30min 1h15 7 min 25 min 1 hr 15
public charging station 22 kW mode 3 cable included with purchase 20min 1h10 2h20 20 min 1 hr 30 3 hrs 15

(1) recommended for occasional use.
(2) maximum power and charging time based on moderate weather conditions (20°C).


Domestic sockets (reinforced or standard) + mode 2 cable

Charging station (domestic or public) + mode 3 cable

Rapid public charging station + cable attached to station


 Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - charging

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