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MASTER Z.E. electric van

New MASTER Z.E. engine

  • MASTER Z.E. electric engine

57 kW electric engine

An 100% Renault powertrain, the latest 57-kW MASTER Z.E. powertrain is derived from the R75 engine in New ZOE.  Made in France at Renault's Cléon plant, the Group's flagship for powertrain and gearbox production with significant added value.


Its range of technology offers you the advantages of electric mobility in daily use: zero noise, zero emissions but 100% efficiency and 100% enjoyment. With its gearless automatic transmission, your Renault MASTER Z.E. offers crisp acceleration and is smooth and comfortable too!

  Power (kW/hp)
Torque (Nm) Top speed (km/h)
Electric engine
225 100
  • MASTER Z.E. Z.E 33 battery

Z.E. 33 battery

The Z.E. 33 battery for the Renault MASTER Z.E. is based on a major innovation: an increase in energy density without any additional modules.


By improving the chemical composition of the cells, our engineers have achieved the remarkable feat of increasing the energy storage capacity without increasing the volume.

Technical features in detail

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The Renault MASTER Z.E. in detail

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