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In case of emergency braking

Your safety is our priority. This is why we offer you the best safety equipment to protect you and your family.

Renault - Active emergency braking system

Active Emergency Braking System

In the city or on the motorway, avoid or reduce the impact from a collision with another vehicle. 

The system is also able to detect pedestrians and cyclists at low speeds. If you do not appear to react when the radar detects a risk of collision, the assistant happens to warn you and takes control of braking. 

Our warning systems

To accompany you on your journeys

Blind spot warning

Blind spot warning

Reduce the risk of collision with Blind Spot Warning. Active from 6 mph, it automatically alerts you to the presence of any vehicle located in the non-visible area of your rearview mirror using warning lights. 

Safe distance alert

Safe distance alert

For your safety, a sensor located at the front of your vehicle senses the distance to the car in front and triggers an audible and visual warning if there is a risk of collision with the vehicle in front of you. 

Speeding alert with road sign recognition system

Speed alert

Stay informed of the speed limit and be alerted if the speed limit is exceeded. Equipped with a camera, the system collects, analyzes and compares the road sign data with the information provided by the mapping to inform you via your dashboard head-up display (depending on the vehicle and version). For improved efficiency, adjust your speed limiter to the maximum value detected.

Fatigue detection alert

Fatigue detection alert

This system analyzes your behaviour through the movements of the steering wheel and, if necessary, recommends a break with a visual and audible message via the dashboard.

Lane departure warning

Lane departure warning

A visual signal and vibration of the steering wheel warn you in case of unwanted lane departure. Active above 45 mph, this function alerts you as soon as you cross an unbroken or broken line without turning on your indicator.

Lane keeping assistant

Lane keeping assistant

Lane-keeping assistant automatically corrects your course. Active between 44 and 99 mph, this function applies steering force to the steering wheel to bring your vehicle back into its lane as soon as you cross an unbroken or broken line without turning on your indicator.

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