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Our driver assistance

Drive with peace of mind with our driving and parking assistance technologies.

Traffic jam companion on the motorway and in traffic

Driver assistance on the motorway

Face traffic with ease! Your traffic jam companion is able to stay at the centre of its lane and to manage its speed in line with the traffic until it comes to a complete standstill. This assistant gives you more peace of mind in your motorway journeys or in the event of dense traffic.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control

Control your distance from the preceding vehicle. This system sets and maintains a minimum distance; applying the brake when too close to the vehicle in front, and the accelerator when the road ahead is clear.

On roads and motorways, day and night

Remain vigilant with our driver assistance systems

Cruise control - speed limiter

Cruise control - speed limiter-Renault EASY DRIVE

Control your speed with ease thanks to our cruise control and speed limiter system. Use the steering wheel controls to set your maximum speed.

Automatic switch between main beam and dipped beam headlights

Automatic switch between main beam and dipped beam headlights

Optimise your use of full beam to suit the driving conditions and avoid startling other road users. Equipped with a camera at the top of the windscreen, this system analyses light sources and automatically switches between the full beam and dipped lights according to lighting and traffic conditions.

Our parking assistance systems

Park with ease using our technologies

EasyPark Assist - Hands-free parking

EasyPark Assist - Renault EASYDRIVE

Learn to love parallel parking! With sensors located at the front, rear and sides of your vehicle, this semi-autonomous parking aid measures the available space and performs the manoeuvre. All you have to do is manage the accelerator, brakes and gears. EasyPark Assist can also help you exit your parking space.

Rear camera

Rear camera - Renault EASYDRIVE

Carry out your reverse manoeuvres with ease! As soon as you start your manoeuvre, the rearview camera transmits a view of the rear of the vehicle on the multifunction display, while the templates projected on the screen provides additional assistance to help you avoid obstacles and collisions.

360° camera

360° camera - Renault EASYDRIVE

Enjoy real-time 360° views to easily avoid obstacles around the vehicle, even on the pavement, and park with ease in the narrowest of spaces. 

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