R-Link, the integrated and connected tablet by Renault

As a partner of the LeWeb'11 exhibition, Europe's number one showcase for digital entrepreneurs, Renault chose the Parisian show to reveal R-LINK, the tactile, integrated, connected tablet.

R-LINK boasts a 7-inch screen which can be safely controlled by voice, by touch screen or by steering wheel mounted remote control. It's simultaneously connected to your vehicle, your smartphone and the cloud, linking you to the digital world and your community. With more than 50 apps available from launch, R-LINK adapts some of the most popular apps for use on the move.

The apps will be available to download direct from the car or from your R-LINK Store account.

R-LINK is currently available for ZOE, Clio, Captur and the Scenic range

True to its values of innovation for all, R-LINK will be integrated in all future Renault models.

Having been the first to offer steering wheel mounted fingertip remote audio controls, making hands-free keycards the norm, integrating high definition Carminat TomTom® satellite navigation across the range - complete with LIVE services - Renault now continues to innovate with R-LINK.

The R-LINK is permanently connected to the Internet and provides support while you are driving, including the best real-time traffic information (TomTom® LIVE) or the Coyote® early-warning system. Discover lots of other features at the Renault Store.

Renault R-LINK technology is perfectly integrated into the centre console of the new Renault Clio. The R-LINK has taken inspiration from the world of smartphones and adapted portable technology for use in cars, with a modern interface and polished design, right down to the last detail...

The large touchscreen is within easy reach of both the driver and the front-seat passenger, and with steering wheel controls and voice recognition, the R-LINK is a system that was designed with driving in mind. Users will be able to intuitively identify R-LINK information and service icons, as they are similar to smartphone features.

R-LINK adapts to your requirements, making life simple. You selected your homepage and R-LINK does the rest – recognizing your smartphone and saving your telephone contact list.

Integrated into the centre console and easily accessible, the R-LINK is designed to be used without compromising your safety. The ergonomic touchscreen with its instantly recognizable icons make the R-LINK very easy to use. Any content which might distract you (e.g. photos or videos) is blocked until the car is stationary. If you have chosen the “Text to speech” option, the R-LINK will even read your new messages out loud for you. Thanks to the steering wheel controls, you can answer calls safely, even when driving in traffic. You can also call contacts or enter a new destination while keeping both hands on the wheel and without your eyes leaving the road for even a second.

Use the applications which have been pre-installed on the R-LINK, including email, Twitter, weather reports and Renault Assistance, or select more from the Renault R-LINK catalogue either from the comfort of your car or using your PC.

In the Clio, for example, you can install the R-Sound Effect app, which simulates a variety of different engine sounds, making driving even more fun! Have you always wanted to hear how a V8 engine responds to your acceleration and speed? No problem – even if you are driving the economy model!

Have you got a burning question? Or perhaps you just want to know more? Renault’s got the answer to pretty much everything – you can enjoy easy access to the R-LINK Store where you can download applications, update route maps or simply take advantage of one of our step-by-step illustrated tutorials.