A fun and sporty car for the family

The tapered profile of the side windows emphasises the dynamic profile, while the large windscreen and panoramic roof – the thickness of which gradually changes – transform the passenger compartment into a cosy cocoon of shade.

In terms of interior design, the family likeness to the DeZir concept car is clearly visible at the front in the forms of the dashboard and seats. The driver enjoys a cockpit-like environment, with a section of the seemingly floating dashboard being specifically dedicated to driving functions. The interlinking movement suggested by the front seat backrests is a return to the idea of a couple in love.

The rear area of the vehicle revolves around children. With a flexible and infinitely versatile play space, it is shaped by twenty-seven cubes, powered by miniature motors. Four settings can be programmed, from an all-flat surface, to a booster seat, a table or a random configuration (only when the vehicle is parked) for children games. The cube in R-Space’s cabin is very much in evidence – to the extent of even forming the covering for the floor and door casings.

R-Space concept car reveal