In its proportions and fluid curves, Renault Captur evokes movement and lightness, yet displays powerful and muscular all-terrain cues. Just as with DeZir, angles, corners and lines have given way to sensuous and natural forms. For the exterior design, the main sources of inspiration were athletes and radical sports, with references equipment such as helmets, gloves and other protective gear used in radical sports, combining high technology with sophistication and lightness.

Captur adopts the new frontal identity first presented by DeZir. As with DeZir, this identity has as its centrepiece a large Renault logo, set vertically against a dark surface. Substantial, matt-finished wings reinforce the design’s visual strength. LEDs relay the direction indicator signal in a wave effect running the whole length of the vehicle.

Captur does more than simply stir emotions: it is also a practical and versatile vehicle. Fitted with a hard convertible top which, that once removed, reveals a carbon fibre framework, Captur can morph into a coupĂ© or a convertible, go from an urban vehicle to an off-roader. Its sporty appeal is underlined by its butterfly doors and big tyres fitted to 22-inch black and white rims.

Captur's bodywork is finished in a spicy shade of orange, in a variety of different shades on materials both inside and outside the vehicle.

An interior bathed in warmth and light

The orange theme has been carried over to the cabin which also features fluorescent highlights picked out by a constant stream of light.

The interior of Captur is designed to be bothwelcoming and occupant-friendly. The impression of lightness expressed by the exterior is dominant, with the front seats attached to the centre console as if suspended in mid air.

The centre console, door casings and dashboard are formed using a translucent material rather like a second skin. At the front of the cabin, this includes a glimpse of the high-tech fibre ropes, luminescent in places, that have been used for most of the passenger compartment.

The aluminium pedals, carbon bucket-style front seats and steering wheel trimmed in grey textured leather reassert the sporting side of the design, in keeping with the original brief.

The rear of the vehicle is a multipurpose area where the deck is lined with three layers of rope:

Storage area: the stretched cords are laid out in a way that allows items to be secured, thus providing a reconfigurable storage area;

Comfort: the supple elasticity of the structure provides an entirely new type of comfort, a new form of seating akin to a hammock.

Modularity: it is possible to pull seatbacks from the side of the car to provide two full-sized rear seats, complete with seat belts and head restraints. This enables Captur to accommodate four passengers.

Captur Concept car reveal

Renault Captur

Inspired by Captur Concept