R5 TURBO 3E E-Tech 100% electric

controlled electric skid
still turbo, now electric
It has accumulated rally successes, makes your heart skip a beat, and amasses superlatives… The R5 Turbo 2 is 40 years old this year! What better way to pay tribute to it than to welcome the new R5 Turbo 3E E-Tech 100% electric, just as sharp-looking, as efficient, as spectacular! An icon brought up to date.
of power or 380 hp
of torque

100% high-performance

R5 TURBO 3E E-Tech 100% electric includes everything: with the same high performance as its predecessor, it adopts and modernises its iconic style. Fin blade, air intakes, lines, colours, impossible to ignore! And its 280 kW (380 hp) motor electrifies everything in its path.
Two electric motors located at the rear generate 280 kW, power equivalent to 380 hp. 700 Nm of torque is available upon acceleration and the 42 kWh batteries produce a series of drifts at full power.
Created for competition and more specifically for drifting, the R5 TURBO 3E E-Tech 100% electric weighs 980 kg (excluding batteries) and inherits a bespoke designed tubular chassis. The flat floor accommodates the batteries; a very low centre of gravity contributes to better drifting.
drift only
everything for drifting
With two close-fit seats designed to push through “attack zones”, the R5 TURBO 3E E-Tech 100% electric is inevitably rear-wheel drive. Carbon fibre bodywork covers a tubular chassis, slick tyres are designed for drift and camera brackets let you record and share sessions.

100% playful

stylish through and through
Underbody, bumpers and all of the surfaces have been redesigned on this show-car. It gains 25 cm in width compared to the “Turbo 2”. Attractive details: pinky-violet tinted windows, red LED rims that light up during drifts and a luminous logo in the centre of the steering wheel.
360° in complete safety!
Both aggressive and soft, the cabin is designed to be high performance giving you complete peace of mind. The safety arches reassure you, the bucket seats hold you, and the upholstery protects you… Let’s drift!

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