MORPHOZ is a concept car that presents Groupe Renault’s vision of personal and shared electric mobility. MORPHOZ adapts to all uses and heralds a new family of autonomous, futuristic, and ingenious electric models.

Sustainable electric mobility without limits

Renault MORPHOZ pushes the boundaries of electric driving. This intelligent, modular concept car adapts to all your needs.

A modular vehicle that adapts to suit your needs

In addition to its modular interior, MORPHOZ physically transforms to offer you what you need, depending on your usage. Staying in the city? Choose the “City” version. Heading off on a longer journey? Switch to “Travel” mode.
Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car
Electric in character and personality
Renault‘s iconic C-Shape lighting, induction charger and HD digital cameras replacing the wing mirrors all represent the sustainable, electric power of MORPHOZ.

Beneath its crossover look, MORPHOZ combines styles with its bold yet smooth lines. Featuring a retractable dashboard, pivoting passenger seat and rear sliding seats, the interior cabin is fully adaptable.
Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car
City Mode
MORPHOZ’s strong look is highlighted by its own custom lighting signature, giving it a distinctive style. Featuring a short bonnet and a tucked rear bumper, it minimizes overhang so that driving and parking in the city is easier.

In addition to its 400-km driving range, MORPHOZ is versatile and adaptable enough to easily handle whatever you need in the city. MORPHOZ City Mode becomes the symbol for electric city car agility.
Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car
Travel Mode
Fitted with the Travel Extender, MORPHOZ allows you to carry 50 kWh in additional batteries, so you can cover long distances with a 700-km driving range. With a streamlined profile and prow and custom front end, its aerodynamics have been optimised.

In its long version, MORPHOZ offers more legroom for passengers and space for additional luggage. On board, everything is centered on the occupants and their interactions.

A vehicle at the heart of multiple shared ecosystems

A true “car for living”...
On board MORPHOZ, passengers enjoy a spacious and accommodating cabin. Conviviality reigns in a space that encourages occupants to share and interact. The atmosphere is friendly and serene. Artificial intelligence greets the driver, serving as a proactive virtual assistant that is attentive to any request.

When “Sharing” mode is activated, the passenger seat pivots to face the rear so that all passengers can be together as if they were in their living room. Artificial intelligence offers playlists or video game challenges to encourage interaction between passengers.
... for a sustainable, shared mobility.
MORPHOZ concept car embodies Groupe Renault’s commitment to supporting the mobility revolution. It makes sharing a fundamental concept while meeting the challenges of the city of tomorrow.

With the “Travel Extender” multi-purpose batteries, MORPHOZ is perfectly suited to this environment. When not used in the car, they can power equipment at home or even in the neighbourhood. They can also be made available at a charging point for other vehicles to use. Perfectly in line with the Smart City ecosystem, MORPHOZ drives safely, in harmony with other users, drivers and pedestrians.

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