With EZ-ULTIMO Concept, Renault completes its trilogy of concept cars for the future of shared mobility. After EZ-GO for daily urban mobility and EZ-PRO for last-mile deliveries, Renault completes its vision with EZ-ULTIMO Concept, a brand new mobility solution that offers a unique but affordable premium experience.


A brand new vision of shared mobility

A premium experience made accessible to all, in keeping with the Renault brand philosophy.
Reinventing the robo-vehicle
EZ-ULTIMO Concept (pronounced "EASY ULTIMO") is a driverless, connected and 100% electric robo-vehicle. Luxurious, it offers users a brand new premium mobility experience: for getting to a restaurant, a transfer from airport to hotel, a tourist visit or an exclusive shopping trip. Whether you are a business or private customer, EZ-ULTIMO is aimed at all users and symbolises the notion of a private and intimate journey.

EZ-ULTIMO Concept is presented as a setting for passengers (up to three people) to take a new look at the city, while being invisible to the outside world. On board they feel "right at home" and can observe the sky though the panoramic glass sunroof or from the window.


A concept that reinvents the robo-vehicle from an exceptional angle

To celebrate 120 years of Renault, EZ-ULTIMO Concept fully embodies the brand DNA and "French Design" and "Easy Life" principles.
EZ-ULTIMO - Interior
A luxurious and emotional design
Elegant and welcoming, the spacious and refined cabin offers you a brand new, premium vision of shared mobility. The long and statuesque profile, two-tone bodywork and 1.35 metre height allow it to blend in perfectly with the city.

The interior layout is like a mobile living room, modern and accessible to all, offering a warm and comfortable space that is 100% private. The luxurious interior is fitted with fine materials such as wood, marble and leather, in a beautiful, neo-retro style that pays tribute to 120 years of Renault.
EZ-ULTIMO - Interior
Exclusive services
The upmarket experience with EZ-ULTIMO Concept is not just about the journey once you are on board. It begins when you make your reservation, with an exclusive interface and concierge services. The approach to the vehicle and attentive welcome to passengers also help to make this service truly unique.

Once on board EZ-ULTIMO Concept, passengers are offered services and technologies worthy of a premium experience. To occupy their free time on the journey, they are offered exclusive and customised content through the medium of a tablet. Every journey becomes an opportunity to experience.

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EZ-GO - View from above
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EZ-PRO Concept
The future of urban delivery