assistance tailored for business customers

All-New Master
Financing solutions, maintenance contracts, fleet management or charging facilities, explore the services that we have put in place to assist business customers.

financing solutions

vehicle loan lease
own a Master without tying up your money - Renault - Master
own a Master without tying up your money
The Vehicle Loan solution is a lease contract for up to 60 months or 200,000 km with 24/7 assistance and the option to buy. At the end of the contract you have 3 options: return the vehicle, take out a new vehicle loan or buy your Master if you like by paying off the option amount determined at the start of the contract.
easy loc pro long-term lease
easy loc pro long-term lease - Master - Renault
update your fleet on a regular basis
The EASY LOC PRO Long-Term Lease combines use of the vehicle up to 60 months with 24/7 assistance and maintenance included. At the end of the contract you must return your All-New Master. In this way, you can renew your automotive fleet on a regular basis, easily and without having to worry about resale.


renault pro+ label
label Renault Pro+ - Master - Renault
specific to your needs
With its extensive Pro+ network throughout Europe, Renault provides innovative and adapted products and services to its business customers. The Renault Pro+ network has a wide range of vans for assisting business customers with their projects and provides them with maintenance and repair advisors offering services adapted to their constraints.
24/7 assistance
assistance 24h/24 - Master - Renault
guarantee your team’s mobility in any situation
The 24/7 assistance, included in your Pro lease, guarantees the mobility of your employees without cash advances. Simply call us 24/7 free of charge and we take care of the vehicle, driver and passengers in the event of a breakdown, accident, fire, theft, puncture or lost key.
service contracts
tailored Pro services- Master - Renault
tailored Pro services
Based on your priorities, sign up to professional services that make your life easier, such as maintenance packs, tyres, fuel card, 24/7 assistance, or courtesy vehicle. A way of working with greater peace of mind and spreading out your maintenance costs through monthly payments.

charging solutions

charge anywhere with Mobilize Power Solutions​
Mobilize Power Solutions helps you switch easily to e-mobility with customised charging solutions whether at your company site, on the road and even at your employees’ homes. Helping you continue to go about your business as usual, we are here to provide advice on the installation and operation of charging points including energy optimisation and maintenance.

your business, our solutions

the perfect offer for your fleet
With a wide range of diesel and electric Masters, we can help you find the best solutions to meet your needs as a fleet manager. Work with us to define your objectives, acquisition costs and maintenance expenditure, and discover our associated services designed to make managing your fleet easier.
body shops
your customised van
To cater to the specific needs of your profession, our extensive network of Renault Pro+ certified body shops offers a full range of quality adaptations and conversions, from the most common to the most customised, depending on your requirements.