Repair your Renault's bodywork

Does your Renault's bodywork need some work? Discover our simple and affordable solutions for all types of damage.


Had an accident? Got a scratch? We take care of everything.

  • We take care of all the administrative formalities with your insurance company
  • We commit to a repair lead time
  • We find you a mobility solution while your car is off the road
Renault bodywork

Protect the bodywork of your Renault

Is your Renault new? Protect it against all damage

Renault Service - Glasscoat package

Glasscoat package: €320 for all vehicles:

Impeccable and durable bodywork finish ready to stand up to the environment... 

Your car will sparkle and resist dust for 5 years. 

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Renault Service - Clear Protect range

Clear Protect range

No more paint chips on door edges and sills. Our invisible protective films protect them from everyday life. 

Maintain your Renault's bodywork

Interior/exterior washing, dust removal, polish, etc. We offer all-inclusive packages to make your life easier.

Bodywork packages    
Shine package
Elimination of micro scratches + shiny wax.
EXPRESS service Exterior cleaning
+Bodywork shampoo
+ Window and wheel rim cleaning
+ removal of insects.
INITIAL service Interior & exterior cleaning
+ Vacuuming of passenger compartment
+ Dusting of dashboard console.
+ manual cabin cleaning
(door trim, upholstery, floor mats and carpet).
+ brush cleaning of the wheel rims
+ restorer applied to exterior plastics
+ cleaning with passenger compartment injector/extractor
+ restorer applied to interior plastics.
Renault Service - Maintenance

Look after your Renault

Renault workshops also stock professional quality maintenance products at unbeatable prices: special cleaners for wheel rims or passenger compartment, air fresheners, scratch polish, etc.

And don't forget that whenever you come into our workshops for a service, we clean your vehicle free of charge!